Inspections on New Construction – New Homes Are Not Perfect

It is a common belief that new homes are fault free. The truth is that all types of new construction should have third party inspections performed to ensure that your home is being built with quality standards.

Most major cities in the United States enforce a required number of inspections at different stages of the process. Many builders of residential real estate will cite these inspections as being the reason why inspections aren’t necessary.

Time and time again, regardless of the number of city inspections, real estate consumers purchasing new construction commonly find problems after moving into their homes within 5 years. Many times, these problems can be attributed to a defect during the build process of their home. Unfortunately, consumers are forced to rely on the warranties provided by their builder. This home warranty process has been known to be time consuming and stressful.

What can you do when buying a new construction home? Get your own inspection. Inspections can be performed in two key areas during the construction of your home; pre-drywall and final walkthrough.

Pre-Drywall Inspection

Before the drywall has been installed in your home, ask your sales counselor or real estate agent about performing an inspection. At this stage of your construction, main load bearing studs, wiring, and plumbing can be easily seen by an inspector. Builder sales counselors will usually recommend that you perform your inspection prior to your pre-drywall walkthrough so that all items found on your inspection report can be addressed with your builder’s superintendent (the person managing the build out of your home).

Pre-Walkthrough Inspection

If you performed a pre-drywall inspection, this follow up visit by your inspector will simply be an assurance that all items requiring repair were repaired or replaced. This inspection will also verify that appliances, fixtures, and building code violations are reported and given to you to provide to your builder.

Many new construction builders of residential properties will not bring up your options to an outside inspection for your new home. Performing one, however, is highly recommend and can offer a significant piece of mind to you and your family well into the future.

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